3 Easy Ways How To Start Your Job Search

Posted by Joseph Truppo on May 28, 2018 2:45:00 PM

So you want to get your job search started online and not sure exactly where to start? We have all been there at some point before. Let’s have a look at three easy ways to get you started on your job search.

Setup and / or update your LinkedIn account

  If you don’t have a LinkedIn account you can head on over to the LinkedIn website and sign up easily.

Besides entering your resume items (work experience, education, etc.) you may want to consider doing a few easy things to improve your profile:

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LinkedIn has a blog post that will show you how to do these improvements and why you should. Always remember to keep your profile current and updated with relative information.

 Create an online portfolio / resume

 Now you may be thinking that this is not something that can be easily be done. And I’d say that you would be wrong. There are plenty of resources around to help you accomplish creating a portfolio. In fact, you already have an important part of it done already: your resume.

 There are a few guides that can help you get started. If you are interested in using WordPress or Wix then this guide will give you the basics on what you need. Another option is the use Weebly to create your portfolio. In that case check out this guide to help you create a portfolio for that platform.

 Before you start working on your portfolio, you should gather everything you will need for it. Some of the items you should have are:

linkedin 2

Depending on how serious you get with the portfolio you can also consider buying a domain name to give the web address a more professional look. Don’t forget that you can use the portfolio to show off your creative side.

 Check out the job postings outside of the usual job search sites

 I know you’ll probably use sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. It’s a good idea to look around other sources like company websites and social media. There is a good article on U.S News that lists a few alternatives to look at.

 Another source for looking for jobs can be through services offered by your state. For instance Maryland has its ‘Maryland Workforce Exchange’ website and Delaware has its ‘Delaware JobLink’ website.

 These are just some ideas to think about to get started. As always, keep an open mind, be persistent and never give up in finding your dream job. Don’t forget to share your tips with us below in the comments. We are always interested in learning new ways to find the perfect job.

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